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Featured Testimonial

Johnny is an amazing coach. I have had other experiences of coaching in the past, which all stopped after a while because it didn’t feel right. Johnny has the right approach, is very consistent, and provides sufficient drive to keep things moving forward. Johnny has been instrumental in keeping me focused and confident during my challenging entrepreneurial journey. Our weekly sessions have helped me to grow as an aspiring leader, and to find balance and peace in my professional and personal life. I would highly recommend Johnny’s experienced support for any professional seeking expert coaching.

Ben Forlani



Embarking on a three month coaching journey with Johnny was a gamble. I felt a vacuum in meaning and purpose after selling my business. Johnny helped deal with the things that were holding me back and find a new focus and energy. The gamble paid off and I would recommend Johnny to anyone looking to re-boot their future.

Steven S.

Founder & Chairman


Featured Testimonial

My coaching sessions with Johnny were life changing. Very quickly he helped me to discover my next career move in a fun and dynamic way. He’s a great listener and always enthusiastic to help his clients.

Before I met Johnny I knew I wanted to change my career but had no idea how to find out what. When I discovered what my next purpose was I was over the moon and felt such a sense of relief and direction!

I can’t recommend him enough.




Working with Johnny has been a wonderful experience. He is not only a brilliantly skilled coach, but also a human who is mindful, curious and driven by purposeful values. He cares about and is genuinely fascinated with his clients. 
I was looking for a coach who would be able to hold a mirror to me, in order for me to gain clarity over the things I was trying to achieve and what they entailed. I wanted to make sure that I had figured out for myself what actions would take me closer to my goals, and with that clarity overcome the FOMO of doing too many things. I couldn’t have wished for a better coach – Johnny held the space and allowed me to figure things out for myself with his reflective listening and very subtle, yet challenging questions. Thank you Johnny!




Featured Testimonial

Johnny has helped me develop a lazer focus, redefine who I am professionally and create a clearer vision. Pinpointing where I’m heading then forming an action plan to get there. Not just my business, but personal things I want to achieve and relationships I want to grow. Johnny has taken me through a process of transformation. He continues to be committed to helping me hit my goals and bigger vision with unwaivering support and integrity.

I’ve worked with many people and it’s rare to find someone with the knowledge, skill and 100% confidence in what they do but, with zero ego and genuine care for the client. To anyone out there considering working with Johnn, I’d say don’t think twice. If you’re after Transformation NOT change, Johnny’s your coach.


Business Owner



From quagmire to clarity!

When I first started coaching about a year ago, I was a somewhat cynical client.

How could coaching help me?  What was the benefit?  Would I have the time to fit it in? And surely my situation was too specific for a coach to help me with?

But within the very first session, all scepticism dissipated.  Very quickly, Johnny helped me untangle the issues, identify the problems I wanted to solve, and create a motivating plan of action.

I had wanted coaching on both professional and personal life goals and he has the brilliant ability to span both those areas with ease.  He has a rigorous, curious and open-minded approach to tackling every problem.  He is able to take the lead where relevant, but always with the view that the client knows their subject, and their self, the best. As such you come out of every session feeling confidence and clarity, and having proved to yourself that, with a bit of help, you often already have the answers!

Johnny is passionate, professional and committed to finding solutions to even the most specific of tasks.  He has a wealth of tools up his sleeve, should these be necessary, but is also able to tackle problems without you realising this is really coaching.  The conversations are interactive and inspiring, and simply make you want to dig deeper and learn more.

It’s funny: my husband said to me just last night: “Since you started coaching, you seem so much happier and more peaceful and able to deal with whatever’s thrown at you.”  I think that sums up the impact of coaching quite nicely!

I can’t recommend working with Johnny highly enough.


Co-founder CEO and Mother of 3

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