Read what clients are saying about my work with them.

Johnny is an amazing coach. I have had other experiences of coaching in the past, which all stopped after a while because it didn’t feel right. Johnny has the right approach, is very consistent, and provides sufficient drive to keep things moving forward. Johnny has been instrumental in keeping me focused and confident during my challenging entrepreneurial journey. Our weekly sessions have helped me to grow as an aspiring leader, and to find balance and peace in my professional and personal life. I would highly recommend Johnny’s experienced support for any professional seeking expert coaching.



Johnny has helped me develop a lazer focus, redefine who I am professionally and
create a clearer vision. Pinpointing where I’m heading then forming an action plan to get there. Not just my business, but personal things I want to achieve and relationships I want to grow. Johnny has taken me through a process of transformation. He continues to be committed to helping me hit my goals and bigger vision with unwaivering support and integrity.

I’ve worked with many people and it’s rare to find someone with the knowledge, skill and 100% confidence in what they do but, with zero ego and genuine care for the client. To anyone out there considering working with Johnn, I’d say don’t think twice. If you’re after Transformation NOT change, Johnny’s your coach.


Coach & Trainer

Everything was very clear from the beginning. This is my first coaching experience, so Johnny explained to me the process and the answers to all of my questions. I have quickly changed some of my work habits and I have started a morning routine that I had difficulties to set-up. Also, most importantly, I now understand that every change I want in life only depends on me. Totally. I now understand that it is really important to work on your inner self, and a coach is essential. I don’t have any point of comparison, but Johnny is really friendly and nice in his approach, which makes you feel confident. 



Johnny is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend him. Working with Johnny helped me get the focus I really needed, as well as a much deeper understanding and appreciation of what is truly important to me.


Management Consultant

I would absolutely recommend Johnny to anyone considering coaching. He is absolutely professional, both in his organisation and his ethic and conduct, and he is a credit to coaching as a profession. His background, specialisation and experience have equipped him with knowledge, skills and tools that he expertly committed to his work with me, and with great results. Beyond this, Johnny is very talented, empathetic, kind and positive. From the start, I had a sense of trust and openness, and I felt secure in exploring some rather personal emotional content without any sense of being judged – which was instrumental in helping me towards my goals.



I have been fortunate enough to be coached by Johnny for a few months now. I have recently started out on a career change, which came with both personal and professional challenges, without Johnny’s guidance and support on this journey I would have most certainly lost my way! He is truly gifted in ensuring I am always left with complete clarity on my vision, and always helps me to find the right solution. His listening skills are faultless, and I am always able to uncover more and more about myself during our coaching sessions. They give me a much needed boost to ensure I stay on track and focused on my most important goals as well as giving me motivation to aim higher. Johnny is an absolute professional, trustworthy and committed, I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.


Mentor and Trainer

Johnny is a great coach, he is approachable and easy to talk to and has a good level of energy and enthusiasm. After working with Johnny and completing some thought-provoking exercises there was a lot of potential behind what I wanted to achieve and each session with him has progressed towards my goals. Johnny has also helped me focus on my fitness goals and it has made a positive impact on how I have tailored my diet and training to work for me with steady results. I would highly recommend Johnny as he has an approachable manner. He is very open-minded and a great listener, which makes him easy to talk to. Johnny has an enthusiastic character, which is motivating and he is very keen in helping you achieve your goals.