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By contacting me by email or making a booking via my calendar, you are giving me permission to contact you to schedule a free consultation call. You are also agreeing to the possibility that you may be coached during our free consultation call together. Please read my privacy policy to understand how I collect, store and manage your personal data.

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Most of my clients come from referrals. However, for potential new clients, I offer free 30 minute consultation calls. In a consultation call, I find out more about you and what you want from Coaching. I also explain more about my Coaching and what you can expect from me should we embark on a coaching journey. The call is designed to see if we’re the right fit to work together.

Before booking a consultation call, please read about the coaching I offer and the clients I work with, to make sure that I’m potentially the right coach for you.

Pre-Consultation Call Questions

I have a few pre-consultation call questions on my consultation call booking form. If I feel from your answers to these questions that you might not be the right fit for my coaching services and approach, I reserve the right to cancel your booking.

Please use my calendar to book a  free 30-minute consultation call. If you cannot see the calendar below, please click on this link to access my calendar.