Empowering Change

I work with Visionary & Purpose Driven Founders, High Performing Leaders, Teams and Private clients to help them achieve their dreams, ambitions and goals.

About Me

Liberating human potential

Hi, I’m Johnny Hammond, an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) based in London. I work with an international client base of tech start-up & scale-up Founders, C-Suite Leaders, Teams and private clients to help them to fulfil their potential.

I passionately believe in ’empowering change’ and help clients to unlock their potential, improve their performance, gain clarity and develop a growth mindset to help them achieve their ambitions and dreams – I believe we have greatness within each and every one of us.



To work with Visionary Entrepreneurs and Leadership Teams around the world to help make their vision a reality.




To shift consciousness and work with visionary & purpose driven Founders & Leaders around the world to light beacons of hope for the betterment of humankind.




An award-winning Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience of accelerating business growth and professional development.



Over 30 years of accelerating innovation, growth & change

Over the last 30 years, I have been a successful award-winning entrepreneur. I have built my own funded digital businesses, consulted for one of the first Accelerators in the UK and worked as a digital strategy, branding, marketing and e-commerce consultant for numerous start-ups, entrepreneurs & established businesses to help them innovate, accelerate and grow.


Professional Milestones

I have had an incredible career over the last 30 years, starting with the world-renown Lynne Franks PR, then running a PR & Band Management company before starting my first tech business in 1994. Below are some of the key milestones of my journey to date to becoming a full time professsional coach.


Lynne Franks PR

Started my career working as an Account Executive for the world renown Lynne Franks PR.


Tech Businesses

Built my first dti award-winning funded tech start-up with my Brother, offices in the UK & US.


Digital Consultant

Helping other Entrepreneurs to accelerate their digital businesses with digital strategy.



Became a full time professional coach in 2018 working with Founders and Teams. 


Every stage of the journey

I specialise in coaching Founders at every stage of their Entrepreneurial journey. My ‘sweet spot’ is working with Founders and Teams of Scale-Ups, but I also work with funded start-ups and seasoned serial entrepreneurs building their next venture.

Entrepreneur for Entrepreneurs

Having been an Entrepreneur and led teams, I understand the rollercoaster of challenges that can face Founders on their journey to make their vision a reality.

I work with forward-thinking Founders, Leaders and Teams to help them to transform, innovate and grow in a rapidly changing world.


Founders & Teams with global ambitions

I work with high performers who are driven, ambitious and want to make an impact. 

This includes entrepreneurs, high performing leaders, senior executives, teams and private clients looking to transform their personal and professional lives, go to the next level or transition to the next chapter in their lives.

Mission driven

My clients are visionary, proactive and creative and are looking to do meaningful work and lead passionate lives. And, they understand the importance of continuous learning, growth and embracing change.

Some of the other clients I work with include high performing leaders and senior executives looking to improve their performance & productivity, make a life or career transition or have a better work-life balance.


A journey of


Clients often like to know more about me and perhaps one of the questions I get asked the most is, ‘what inspired me to become a coach?’. So, I’ve written a brief story of my journey so far for those that are interested.

On a personal level, I’m passionate about challenging my limits and enjoy endurance sports including Triathlons, Running, Cycling Sportives and Open Water swimming.


Professional Qualifications

I believe in high professional standards and as an ICF PCC Certified professional coach, I invest in continued professional development. I choose to be the best coach I can be so that I can better serve my clients.

In all of my coaching offerings in which I specialise, I have sought the best coaching training providers to develop my craft. This includes training with leading Team Coaches Peter Hawkins & David Clutterbuck for my Team Coaching qualifications.


As I have an integrated coaching approach, I have also trained in NLP and coaching psychologies such as Positive Psychology,  ACT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing. For my Resilience Coaching, I have trained and accredited with the Resilience Dynamic and Transition Coaching I am a Licensed Firework Coach.

Accreditations, trainings and memberships


Featured Review

My coaching sessions with Johnny were life changing. Very quickly he helped me to discover my next career move in a fun and dynamic way. He’s a great listener and always enthusiastic to help his clients.

Before I met Johnny I knew I wanted to change my career but had no idea how to find out what. When I discovered what my next purpose was I was over the moon and felt such a sense of relief and direction!

I can’t recommend him enough.



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