Visionary Founders, Leaders & Teams

I specialise in coaching visionary & purpose driven Founders, Senior Leaders and Teams.

Is this you?

On a journey of  professional & personal development

The clients I work with are on a journey of self development, professionally and personally. They want to be the best they can be.

They understand that as an athlete has a coach to help them to optimise their performance and achieve their sporting goals, they too like to work with a coach to help them to reach their potential and make their vision a reality.


A big vision to make a difference in the world

You have global ambitions to make a very real difference in the world. You and your team are driven to make your vision a reality. You challenge the status quo and think out of the box, taking time to step back to gain fresh perspective. You’re looking to work with a coach who understands the challenges you face, can help you to see how at times you might be getting in your own way and to help you and your team to see what’s possible.

Change and growth

There are moments when it can feel lonely at the top and the speed of change can be bracing. You can be reactive, especially when you’re feeling the stress but you have a growth mindset and know that you can change, develop, learn and grow to be the best version of yourself and to help your team to be the best they can be to deliver the greatest value to your stakeholders.


Getting to the soul of the matter

You have a calling and want to live your life to its fullest potential. You are purpose driven and want to live a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life. In my coaching approach, I believe in whole person, whole life. I work with the whole person as I believe this affects overall performance and wellbeing, and the leadership of self and others. Personal growth equals professional growth.


A committment to your future self

The Founders, Leaders and Teams I work with are no strangers to change. It’s about being able to respond and adapt to change and having high performance without comprimising your wellbeing. This requires psychological flexilibility, emotional intelligence, a compelling vision and leading others who also believe in your vision and want to help you to make it a reality. Are you ready to make a committment to your future self to be the leader you were born to be?


Featured Review

My coaching sessions with Johnny were life changing. Very quickly he helped me to discover my next career move in a fun and dynamic way. He’s a great listener and always enthusiastic to help his clients.

Before I met Johnny I knew I wanted to change my career but had no idea how to find out what. When I discovered what my next purpose was I was over the moon and felt such a sense of relief and direction!

I can’t recommend him enough.



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