Coaching for Modern Leaders

For high performing leaders of forward thinking businesses looking to improve their performance and progress on their development journey.


Be the Leader you were born to be

The leaders I work with want to be better leaders and are committed to learning and growing. They are purpose-driven and want to make a positive impact in the world. As leaders they want to inspire and motivate their teams and build a better future. They want to work on improving their inner and outer game.

As a coach I work as a thought partner to help you to maximise your potential as a leader and navigate the obstacles and challenges of a rapidly changing VUCA world. And, in the process, our work together can often help to transform your personal life in a positive way too.


Trusted Thought Partnership

I work with ambitious and visionary Entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior leaders within fast paced start-ups, scale-ups and growing tech organisations.

I provide a challenging and supportive working partnership where we work together to help expose blind spots, improve confidence, develop skills, gain self awareness, unlock your potential, get clarity on your goals, enhance effective action and goal achievement, and progress on your development journey.


Leadership Coaching Program

All Leadership Coaching programs are tailored to your developmental requirements. Most begin with either behavioural interviews, an assessment such as a DiSC behavioural preference, EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment or Strengths assessment – all are depending on the focus of the coaching.

Leadership Coaching Topics

Common leadership coaching themes include:

Leadership Development

Flexible and adaptable Leaders

Today’s leaders need to be flexible, adaptable and authentic. Depending on the focus of the coaching engagement some of the areas we might work on together include:

Behaviour Change

Clarification and setting of goals

Identify strengths and values

Pyshcological flexibility & mental fitness

Developing improved self awareness & emotional intelligence

Building Resilience

Stronger sense of meaning and purpose

Gain new and empowering perspectives

Improved time management

Better work-life balance

Enhanced Strategic Planning

Improved productivity and effectiveness

Greater personal satisfaction at work 

Increased confidence

Better Communication

Managing Change

Leadership development

Presentation skills

Skills development


Featured Review

Johnny is an amazing coach. I have had other experiences of coaching in the past, which all stopped after a while because it didn’t feel right. Johnny has the right approach, is very consistent, and provides sufficient drive to keep things moving forward. Johnny has been instrumental in keeping me focused and confident during my challenging entrepreneurial journey. Our weekly sessions have helped me to grow as an aspiring leader, and to find balance and peace in my professional and personal life. I would highly recommend Johnny’s experienced support for any professional seeking expert coaching.

Ben Forlani


How we can work together

My leadership coaching programmes typically initially start with 8 to 12 sessions (weekly or fortnightly) and can often go on to last from between 6 to 12 months, depending on the requirements of the assignment. The process is completed once the development goals have been achieved or when we are ready to end the engagement.

Discovery Session

After our initial chemistry call, if we think we might be the right fit to work together, we have a 2-hour Discovery session. In this session, we take a deep dive into what you want to get from your coaching journey.

On Demand Coaching Days

To offer flexibility for organisations and busy executive leaders, I also provide on-demand coaching days where I spend a day at your offices coaching leaders in the coaching program. This typically means 4 to 5 sessions of between 1hr and 90 minutes (sometimes 2hrs for longer sessions.

First 90 Days Coaching Program

6 sessions of 90 mins to 2hrs over 90 days to help new executive leadership hires accelerate their integration into a new role or current executives transitioning to a new leadership role.

All Programs Include

  • Initial chemistry session with each executive
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Online coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Email and WhatsApp communication

Let’s Talk

To find out more about my leadership coaching and process, please contact me to book an initial consultation call to see if we are the right fit to potentially work together.

DiSC Certified Trainer
DiSC Certified Trainer